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About Sheryl

As long as I can remember, my passion has always been horses. Being born and raised in Northern California, I never had the opportunity to have a horse of my own; however, I would ride whenever there was even the remotest opportunity to do so via rental horses, volunteering for Riding Therapy programs for the handicapped, or just begging everyone from friends to acquaintances who were horse owners to allow me to do anything from grooming to cleaning stalls as long as I could just be near a horse.

I bought my first horse about 15 years ago.  Horse ownership was a long awaited privilege that I valued and with it came a desire to expand my knowledge and experience a partnership with my horse that was based on trust and respect, not only in the arena, but where I needed it most - out on the trail.

The trails I have ridden are extremely challenging; my safety depends on the performance of my horse, as does any discipline of riding.  The more consistent I became in what I asked of my horse, the more consistent his performance became. When his performance improved, I also gained his attention, which gave me more control. As I became more consistent, I also became softer in my cues; thus I was able to experience more control with lighter hands, which was my goal. My passion for horses has expanded to a passion to share this knowledge with others..

Sheryl has been featured in the October 2007 issue of the Perfect Horse magazine.

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