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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde







Meet Paloma
2 1/2 year old Paint mare

Our story begins June 1st, 2005 a very desperate situation. My daughter's horse Paloma was 2 1/2 years old when our trainer informed me that we should consider selling her. That this horse was "not getting it", she did not have a good mind and no self preservation. Selling her was not an option, so after phoning a friend and sharing our dilemma, she suggested I go online and try this John Lyons Certified Trainer Sheryl Lynde Clinics.com. I did go online and will forever be grateful. After a brief phone call I made arrangements to take Paloma to meet Sheryl. We made the drive up the mountain road and I though I was close to heaven as I could get. Sheryl met us and Paloma settled in for the night. The next day Sheryl called me at work, and I had imagined Paloma had gone wild and was running down the mountain, she informed me that our horse was a sweetheart and doing well.

The next day we drove up to see Paloma and Sheryl was riding her. I was intrigued to learn inside outside turns, and was most fascinated with her gentle touch, the kiss sounds she made to the horse and the ever so slight tilt of her head and how the horse responded to it all. Day three Katie climbed onto her horse in the round pen and was riding! I must admit I sat with tears of joy thinking to myself if I had listened to the former trainer I would have missed what I had waited 2 1/2 years for. To see that smile on my daughter's face was worth every minute.

Paloma soared to the top learning - breaking at the pole, side passing, one and two rein back up, reverse arch circle, vertical flexion, roll backs, circle and serpentine, yielding to pressure, spook in place, side pass to you and away, disengaging hips, shoulders over, and to stop with your seat. I also am impressed that Paloma will break to a walk in the lope if you hum to her. This is all so amazing to us. For years I have watched people "train" and saw a lot of cowboy jerking - I have been fortunate to learn through Sheryl that is not necessary. Kind touch, gentle hands and a kiss sound and that one of a kind tilt of her head - it is as if she is talking to the horses. Paloma spent three months in training with Sheryl and my daughter got to go on trail rides with her, went to a gymkhana to see how Paloma would react (she did fine). Paloma also had a fear of tractors after an accident at the former ranch she was boarded at and has overcome that as well. Paloma is a great horse and my daughter and I are enjoying riding her and are amazed at the great hurdles she had gone over on this short amount of time. In other words, I believe Sheryl Lynde to be the best in her field and would use her time and time again. We are forever grateful to her for the lessons we learned about horse training. I would suggest to anyone who has a horse with a problem that needs repair or just a horse that need starting, she is the best.

Thank you Sheryl!!!









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