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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde







  Success Stories...


Keeper ~
Working with the fearful horse...

Keeper is a 2 year old colt that had been a rescue from a PMU ranch in another state - The ranch had gone bankrupt so there were several colts and fillies that weren't being properly cared for.

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Whiz Kid ~
6-year-old Gelding

Click here to see a video of Sheryl Riding Wiz Kid Bridleless

Gypsy Chic ~

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Teagan ~
A terrified Mustang that would not give up!

Animal Control was called to investigate a large group of horses that were being starved - the majority of them had died - there were a couple of horses that survived and one was Teagan - a young mustang that was able to survive by jumping fences to get to other food and water.

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Savanah ~
Visually Impaired

has new hope for a long productive life

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Paloma ~
2 1/2 year old Paint mare

Our story begins June 1st, 2005 a very desperate situation. My daughter's horse Paloma was 2 1/2 years old when our trainer informed me that we should consider selling her. That this horse was "not getting it",

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Meet Zoey
6 year old Paint mare

Zoey's owner sent her to me to solve a bucking problem that she had developed.

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Kerry Barham attended my clinic as a last effort in building a relationship with this horse. She was experiencing fear in the saddle due to lack of control and safety issues. She was ready to sell her horse. By Clinic's end, she had learned how to safely get the desired response from her horse and build on that foundation. She developed a new respect and admiration for her horse and to this day, selling him is not an option.


Lucky ~
Resolving Fly Spray Issues with Lucky

You can see by this first video that he was terrified of the fly spray. In order to get any control of him I finally put the fly spray bottle down and that is the only time he relaxed.

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Cowboy Challenge Obstacle Training

hosted at the Reed Valley Ranch
on April 26th, 2009

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Obstacle Course Trials

hosted at the Lil' Ponderosa Ranch in
Garner Valley
on March 7, 2009


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