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Riding From The Heart

A book by Sheryl Lynde

"In this book, I share some of the strategies and approaches that I have used to train some of the most difficult and challenging horses that I have known. The parallels between the human and the horse gave me tremendous insight to the cause of many of their behaviors, as well as created a career path I believe to be my life's purpose."

Press release was published to Newswire today! It can be found here: https://www.newswire.com/news/sheryl-lyndes-new-book-riding-from-the-heart-is-an-instructional-read-21683083




Recent Book Reviews

Thank you Sheryl, for this lovely book! Horse friends, I recommend you grab a copy & I promise you won't be able to put it down. Sheryl's stories about the horses that have come into her life will bring you tears and so much inspiration in your own journey with your horses.
Not just for equestrian's either, beautiful life lessons included. 5 stars!
~ Annie DeMeglio

Dear Sheryl,
First let me wipe the tears of joy from my eyes so I can give two thumbs up … 5 star review on your book.
I am so proud to call you my friend, and horse trainer. Paloma, Eve , Katie and I are forever grateful to you. This book is awesome and stories from the heart ❤️ I really enjoyed reading every single page and THANK YOU from all of us humans and the horses you’ve helped over the years. God Bless
~ Christine Madruga

Sheryl it is the most Inspiring book I've read! Love you prayers for much success with your book! ❤
~ Susan McKay

I love your book Sheryl, so heartfelt and happy tears flowing as I poured through the pages.
~ Sandy Roberts Agan

Sheryl wrote a book that articulates the connection between our humanity and our passion for the horses in our life. Clearly written from the heart, Sheryl exposes her vulnerabilities making this book such a powerful read. I shed tears and felt my heart swell all at the same time.
~ Bobbi Giudicelli


One of the best books I have ever read. As a person who was struggling to find my purpose in life, this book better yet reminded me of my purpose. I am a horsewoman, just like Sheryl. I am the messenger between horses and people communicating. Reading this book has changed my life in the best ways.
~ Annaley Herzog

This book is full of heartfelt insights, wisdom, and relatable life experiences, for equestrians and non-equestrians alike. No matter what your walk of life, you will appreciate the raw vulnerability and honesty in this book. Sheryl is a natural, gifted writer; her style is elegant, beautiful, and effortless. This book is an enjoyable and intriguing read that also gives you much to take away on a deeper, more spiritual level, whether you are looking for encouragement, advice, or uplifting for your spirit.
~ Shannon Keeler, MS

This beautifully written book gives the reader a series of stories and examples defining the unique connection and parallel of the human - horse relationship. The author has a gifted ability to share her experiences with training horses while speaking of how these exquisite creatures have affected and shaped her life, as well as giving her a deeper understanding of the people in her life.
If you are a horse lover, or just one who finds the beauty and magic in living creatures great or small, this book will capture your interest. Reading a page or two, or sitting and taking this whole book in at once, this collection of stories and reflections are ones you will enjoy time and time again!
~ Ann Hollins

Riding from the heart is a truly inspirational book. I especially loved the way the author drew a connection between her relationships with people and how she applied it in the training of horses. Through her life experience with the horses, the author demonstrates how it can translate into our human relationships.
~ Greg Keeler



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