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Riding from the Heart

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Sheryl Lynde








  What Do Sheryl's Clients Have To Say?

Sheryl & Rick,

I wanted to send you a "Thank You" for one of the most inspirational and knowledgeable clinics I have had the pleasure of attending. What I learned at the clinic has been incorporated in my trail riding on the streets of Norco, which is dangerous in it's own rights, but being over 50, not in the best shape and riding a  3 year old horse makes it even more dangerous to boot. Learning to relax and to sit deeper in the seat with my hands lower  & quieter has given me a lot more control & confidence then I ever thought possible. The test came when I was crossing the main street in Norco and back to back Big Rig Trucks came barreling down the street. I could tell my young horse was ready to bolt as those trucks are one of his biggest fears & I could feel him starting to shake and tense. I sat very deep in the saddle, kept my hands low and moved him from side to side with my legs, working him and  only using the rein to keep his nose tipped a little in case I needed to disengage him at any given moment. I really was waiting for a wreck to happen, but instead, we made it thru one of his biggest obstacles with more confidence and I have to admit, not much fear on my part. The people who were riding with me were very impressed with how slow and confident I seemed to be during the incident. If I hadn't taken your clinic, I honestly don't know what the outcome would have been as in all my years of riding, my first instinct would have been to grab those reins and pull back as tight as I could. ( Which I have now learned is a sure fire way to have an accident ) It is truly amazing what a little knowledge can do, but my horse and I both "Thank You"  for that knowledge as I feel really good about being out there riding the streets on a young horse with what I have learned.


My Blessings and Experiences with Sheryl Lynde:

"My experience began with sending my horses for training then moving to the Ultimate Camp Clinic to Trail Trial Obstacle Courses and ending up in the Colorado National Forest trail riding!!!

Having grown up around horses (trained by my dad) they were not new to me however, the horses I grew up with were the only horses I’d ever owned.

There was a ten year span between owning the horses I grew up with and inheriting my mare, Cooper. She is six year quarter horse that had been used for roping. So I assumed she was trained. I quickly learned there was a huge difference between my childhood horses and my newly acquired “trained” mare. Looking back I feel very fortunate a broken elbow was the only injury I sustained. However it did leave me with some fear, although I wouldn’t realize how much fear until later.

It was when I inherited my second horse, Blue (eight year old quarter horse gelding) that I realized I needed a professional trainer. Blue was used strictly as a “professional” roping horse. He was well-developed, highly sensitive and very quick. His experience was limited to the inside of a roping arena so he had no idea that anything outside an arena even existed. Trails were out of the question since they had things such as logs, water crossings, and other scary objects. The thought of riding such a sensitive horse exposed how much fear I had developed from my previous fall.

It was important to me to have a trainer who not only possessed the knowledge and skills necessary but also trained in a positive way verses the “Old Cowboy” way of training. I was looking for a trainer who would maintain a firm but gentle hand. I was in the process of researching trainers when a friend of mine told me of a local John Lyons trainer that she had personally used for her daughter’s horse. She was so impressed with Sheryl Lynde that I couldn’t wait to meet her. I called Sheryl right away and just from talking with her I was so excited I couldn’t get Blue there fast enough!

From the moment I took Blue out of the horse trailer and Sheryl approached him I knew by his response to her, she was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer and then some. Blue rapidly blossomed under the care and training Sheryl provided. Just after a week under her care I couldn’t believe the difference in him. I was so amazed at the change in him I decided I would also send my mare, Cooper to Sheryl for training! To this day I’m still in awe with the knowledge, skill, training and care Sheryl has when it comes to horses. Obviously my horses feel the same way in addition to feeling very loved by Sheryl as each time they see or for that fact even smell her they start to nicker and whiney.

Through training sessions with Sheryl my husband and I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge. As riders we can’t even begin to express the gratitude we have for the experience and knowledge we’ve gained by working with Sheryl.

The “Ultimate Camp Clinic” (which I highly recommend) and The “Trail Trial Obstacle Course” that Sheryl offers are both phenomenal. The courses equip horse and rider with the tools necessary to safely experience new trails, spooky objects and much, much more. Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to experience the Colorado National Forest trails by horseback. It was an experience like no other. I felt like a child who had just experienced Disneyland for the first time! It’s my belief that the “Trail Trial Obstacle Course” helped build my confidence level. Gaining self-confidence both in myself and in my horsemanship skills has been an asset in numerous ways, from trailer loading/unloading, horse hotels, to riding along mountain ledges and experiencing the Colorado National Forest safely and calmly. I’m looking forward to many more adventures!"

Thank you Sheryl!

Elizabeth Kretz


"I learned how to have better communication, more control on trail and create a partnership. I've learned how to have a softer, lighter horse and how to correctly ask for the response I want."
-Kerry Barhan

"I learned to be more receptive as a rider not to mention how to connect with my horse to better teach her. Most times people have a hard time learning because the instructions are too hard to understand.  Sheryl is an awesome instructor."
- Wendy Lopez

Sheryl Lynde with Lil Joe

Savannah is a 4-½ year old Appaloosa filly that came to me for training. After checking on her one stormy evening it seemed to me that her sight was impaired. It was raining pretty hard and she was standing out in the rain in her run – not taking advantage of her box stall. This is common to horses that are new to box stalls, particularly in the rain, it makes quite the noise hitting the metal roof and it takes some getting used to – so I attributed her behavior to this, grabbed a halter and led her into the box stall and she was fine. Read more about Savanah's story

I brought a horse to Sheryl that had developed some bad habits such as disrespecting my space, walking all over me, bucking, and running from me when I went to catch her. And Within 2 weeks Sheryl had corrected all of those habits. I am very happy with the results and the responsiveness of my horse, Zoey. Read more about Zoey's story
- Joe Thomas

Paloma is a great horse and my daughter and I are enjoying riding her and are amazed at the great hurdles she had gone over on this short amount of time. In other words, I believe Sheryl Lynde to be the best in her field and would use her time and time again. We are forever grateful to her for the lessons we learned about horse training. I would suggest to anyone who has a horse with a problem that needs repair or just a horse that need starting, she is the best.
Thank you Sheryl!!! Read more about Paloma's story
- Christine

Comments from Clinic held at Zanadu Farms February 2008

Hi Sheryl..
Thanks so much for a great clinic over the weekend. You were phenomenal! I am just amazed at what is possible with a horse. I had no idea. When I spoke to you at the Equine Affair this year I mentioned I had considered doing your Ultimate 5 day clinic right after I got my horse over a year ago. But I decided to wait until I got to know my horse thinking I would have gotten more out of the training. Boy was I wrong! Now I wish I had done it then before I learned all my bad habits. It was meant to be that I found you, as you are the only trainer I have seen in my short experience with horses that teaches what I believe. That you can have a partnership with your horse without “crankin, yankin, pushin and pullin” As you said, only makes a bracy, desensitized horse.

When I got home yesterday, I made 5 pages of notes from the clinic and I have a lot to practice before I come with my horse to see you in June.

Thanks again Sheryl… I learned so much from you. You are amazing to watch!! Can’t wait to do more!

Best Regards,
Chris Richardson

I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts with Playboy. He's truly a different horse: he's much more respectful, doesn't step all over the human handler, stands still for a mount and is so much more relaxed in his demeanor.

I round-penned him yesterday and, after an initial period of his gawking over the fence, had him doing both inside and outside turns, finishing with him disengaging his hip in both directions and him following me around the bullpen. Everyone who knew him before your training was SO impressed! I hand-walked him around a portion of the ranch and every time his head shot up I worked with him, disengaging his hips, forcing him to keep his feet moving and pay attention to me. It worked perfectly. I'll keep this up and start working on the 3 "whoas" until he's moved to the foxtrotter farm in Morongo Valley.

Angie and I both enjoyed the clinic and learned a lot, Thanks again,
Penny Farmer Ward

Hey! Girlfriend!
Sassy cannot quit talking about how much she learned, and about how much she needs to learn. She came by to see me today and I told her once I was better, I would help her work him in the round pen, walking him on a lead, making him get out of her space, etc. (STAYING OUT OF HIS MOUTH) She is very excited and says once she has the $$$, she will be calling you for him to come see you for a little while. She was very impressed with the clinic and she will be anther trooper like me. Thanks again Sheryl for offering her my space, it made a world of difference in how she sees training now.

Take care,
- Sam


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