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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde












~ Meet Savanah ~

Savannah is a 4-½ year old Appaloosa filly that came to me for training. After checking on her one stormy evening it seemed to me that her sight was impaired. It was raining pretty hard and she was standing out in the rain in her run – not taking advantage of her box stall.

This is common to horses that are new to box stalls, particularly in the rain, it makes quite the noise hitting the metal roof and it takes some getting used to – so I attributed her behavior to this, grabbed a halter and led her into the box stall and she was fine.

I feed very early in the morning – its still dark and I noticed that she was having problems finding her hay – so I called out my vet and we discovered that she had cataracts in both eyes. She was pretty well blind in the dark, and had limited sight during the day.
When I discussed Savannah’s condition with the gal who sent her to me for training, she didn’t feel that she had a very bright future and felt that putting her down would be the kindest fate for Savannah. But by now, I was attached to her – she was showing me what a terrific horse she was, limited sight and all. I found her to be brave, kind and had a wonderful mind. I decided to keep on with the training – she was doing so well. I wanted to continue to ride her to show that even though she was blind, she could still be useful and I would see what I could do as far as finding her a good home.

I put out Savannah’s story to all of my friends and clients and I was referred to Gina Perrin of Heavenly Horse Haven Rescue Organization in Anza. After making contact with Gina, she came over to meet Savannah and talk about options. My Vet had tried to located an eye specialist to determine the extent of her condition, however, his search proved fruitless. Gina left that afternoon promising to see what she could do.

It wasn’t more than a couple of weeks later that Gina called, extremely excited to tell me that she had located a sponsor for Savannah. Heavenly Horse Haven was able to find a wonderful sponsor, one that would be contributing to her monthly feed and upkeep at Heavenly Horse Haven while also providing for her medical needs in hopes that she might be able to see normally again.

Gina, I cant thank you enough for helping Savannah - she is a great little horse that deserves this chance that you and her sponsors and giving her.

Many Blessings to you all.


I want to continue to be involved in Savannah's progress so I have donated my time as a trainer to Heavenly Horse Haven and to Savannah's sponsors - Martha Koukios and her niece Paige Koukios.
If you would like to donate your time, services, or contribute as a sponsor, for more information on Heavenly Horse Haven contact:
Gina Perrin
Heavenly Horse Haven
PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation
Natural Horsemanship Training, Boarding and Sales
38105 Sherman Way
Anza, Ca 92539

Paige, Sheryl, Savanah & Martha



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