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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde

















Teagan -

The Mustang that wouldn't die!

Here is a more in depth story for Teagan:

Animal Control was called to investigate a large group of horses that were being starved - the majority of them had died - there were a couple of horses that survived and one was Teagan - a young mustang that was able to survive by jumping fences to get to other food and water.

She was very unapproachable and took out some teeth of the Animal Control Officer trying to capture her to remove her from the property. From Animal Control she was taken by Gina Perrin of Heavenly Horse Haven in Anza, California where Gina worked slowly but surely to gain her trust and get close to her and pet her. She spent 90 days at Monty Roberts facility where apprentices were able to set a saddle on her back - but not without a huge response from Teagan - injuring her handler. After 90 days - Teagan came back to Gina's rescue where Gina continued to try and gain her trust by approaching and petting and desensitizing her to touch.

Then she came to us. She is very kind - just incredibly fearful. After Rick and I successfully saddled her - Rick layed her down to help gain her trust. Her survival instincts were strong and it was difficult for her to lay down but when she did we were able approach and rub her all over where it was difficult before. When Teagan lays down she is experiencing her worst fear of all - she thinks she is going to die. We connect with her as she is down - rubbing and just making contact and then letting her be. She is in the most vulnerable position a horse can be in - and she has not been hurt nor has she died - so the beginning of trust is formed and her worst fears began to dissolve.

This is only the beginning for Teagan - she is an incredible little girl and will make a wonderful companion. A big thank you to Gina at Heavenly Horse Haven for all she does for these wonderful animals.


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