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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde


























Sheryl & Wiz Kid Bridleless


Now I had worked Whiz over a tarp in my round pen – he had walked over it – and we worked on the spook in place lesson as well. But now the tarp was in a different place and not on the ground.

So we began the sacking out process all over again – took our time and I can say with as much certainty as you ever can that he is over the tarp.

Whiz Kid
6-year-old Gelding


We have had an abundance of windy days this year in Garner Valley and I do mean WINDY and on one such day I was riding Whiz into my arena for a workout. As soon as we opened the gate he began to spook in a very big way – I kept disengaging his hips and moving his feet in different directions to get his attention back but he was unraveling emotionally. The object of his fear was a tarp that I had slung over my arena fence that was flapping noisily and wildly in the wind.



Sheryl & Wiz Kid Bridleless

’m so amazed at the heart of this horse – something that he was so terrified of – now look at him.
What a Champ!

Note: In the picture on the left, Sheryl is riding Wiz Kid bridleless!

When you take your time and help your horse overcome fear,
you are on your way to being the rider your horse deserves

Watch Sheryl & Wiz Kid in action!



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