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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde









~ Meet Zoey ~
6 year old Paint mare

Zoey's owner sent her to me to solve a bucking problem that she had developed.

Zoey is a 6 year old mare that has been used primarily as a brood mare for the past 2 years; therefore, she has not been ridden with any consistency or frequency. Just recently the owner had requested someone from the stable to ride her which ended in the rider being bucked off 5 times before Zoey took a step. So the owner elicited the help of a more experienced rider, which also resulted in the rider hitting the ground. She would not stand still for saddling, nor would she stand still for the farrier. He was only able to get to her front feet shod, giving up on the back. Her leading manners were non-existent, her head was high, she lacked respect for my space and she consistently looked for something to spook at. She was full of fear and now the owner was experiencing fear due to her newly acquired symptoms.

Zoey had so much fear, which was the cause for the bucking and lack of respect on the ground. Once I worked on eliminating the fear, the symptoms disappeared. After working her in the roundpen I was able to build trust by establishing a relationship, getting her feet moving and moving consistently in the direction I wanted her to go. Her fear and lack of respect was replaced with consistent performance. By the time these pictures were taken I had been working her for less than 2 weeks. She stands still without a halter or bridle while I saddle her and pick up all of her feet. She has never offered to buck me while I mount or ride. She has come a long way and my respect for her grows with her success.


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