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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde

















Why We Do
        What We Do...
            Expanding the Training with Cows & Quads...


We have cows at our access daily giving us the opportunity to expose our training horses to different aspects of cow work and building confidence in horses that have never had exposure in the past.

Thanks to Don and Janet Moore of Reed Valley Ranch -
Sheryl does have access to cows.

Working together with cows helps to build confidence in the horses we work with.

"Kit" - the Palomino

Sheryl is riding is a young horse that came to her to get started. Because of the strong foundation Sheryl has put on Kit - Both Kit and her owners will benefit from the exposure to a multitude of stimuli that Sheryl offers to all their horses in training - whether she is starting young horses or working problem horses they are exposed to obstacles, trail, cows, quads, etc. which builds confidence and that translates to safety.

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