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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde




Another Horse & Rider Issue Resolved

Here is Cheyenne Ibarra with her horse Jessica. Cheyenne was 13 when she came to my clinic and wanted to experience more control when Jessica's emotions were heightened in the arena and out on trail. Cheyenne learned the tools she needed to accomplish her goal but more importantly she practiced those tools faithfully every time she rode.

Here she is with Jessica getting her to give to the bit while she performs her shoulders over.
Good for you Cheyenne!

















Why We Do
        What We Do...
                 Expanding the Training for the Trail...


Sheryl Lynde Clinics continues to expand the training field for you and your horses. Helping people and their horses to prepare for all types of circumstances in the arena or in the field. Obstacle and Horsemanship training - getting control of the 5 body parts - provided by Sheryl Lynde Clinics are designed to help provide practice and instruction on how to better overcome issues you will be faced with out on the trail. Building a stronger team connection between horse and rider through any given situation.

The following are examples to demonstrate the importance of course obstacles and how they apply to field obstacles. Designed to expand the experience of rider and horse in facing obstacles as a team........

Shoulder + hip control = side pass
on the ground,
Which then transfers to the saddle!

End result = precise control on trails such as this!
We want to practice in a safe environment first - you can see this mare was very unsure with her first jump over the barrels
Sheryl helps her gain confidence through repetition and setting a calm expample in her own body language as she sends her over the barrels.
Taking time to Train in a safe environment pays off in the field when you need it most.
Building confidence in the horse = confidence under saddle
What are we communicating to our horse? Is it whoa or a go?
Success in communications = success through the obstacle.


Sacking out your horse with tarps and sending them through narrow passages helps you find the holes in their training in a safe environment - through preparation, they become the partner you need out in the field.

Practicing a bridge in a safe controlled setting will tranfer to a safe bridge in the field.
Why do we take the time to get control
of the 5 body parts?
So that when the situation is not safe ...
we can have that safe control!

At the Durango location, Sheryl presented new obstacle courses,
mounted shooting, the Ultimate Camp Clinics, and 2 & 3 days clinics.

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