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Riding from the Heart

A New Book By

Sheryl Lynde











Why We Do
        What We Do...
                 Expanding the Training in Trailering...

Sheryl Lynde Clinics continues to expand the training field for you and your horses.
Helping people and their horses to prepare for all types of circumstances in the arena or in the field.



Sheryl Lynde Clinics works closely with horse and owner to overcome trailer anxieties.

The horse shown in the slideshow - Magic had an accident in the trailer - she had pulled back while in the trailer which resulted in some minor injuries physically, but major injuries to her confidence. The owner was having difficulty loading her and when she did load - she just wanted out - and fast.

Here Sheryl works with Magic without halter and lead in the round pen. She is teaching her that the trailer is rest and a safe place to be. Magic is loading here just by Sheryl pointing her to the trailer and she is calmly standing in the trailer until asked to unload.

Sheryl works on reducing the anxiousness, building confidence and helping to change the perspective and behaviors to a comfortable and confident trailering situation for both the horse and owner.

Note: This horse was free loaded without a halter and lead. Once loaded, she stands quietly in the trailer waiting for further instruction from Sheryl. Her owner now can load her safely and confidently by himself. She has learned the trailer is no longer a bad place, but a good and comfortable place to hang out.




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